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 Zangi Grotto

Ormond Beach, Florida

Next Meeting: March 1st

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Zangi 2011 Officers

Office Held





Monarch Bud Bacheller 386 427-2035 e-Mail Monarch Susan
Chief Justice Al Woodstock 386 767-5847 e-Mail Chief Justice Laura
Master of Ceremonies Art Sabino 386 677-2801 e-Mail Master of Ceremonies Shirley
Secretary Jim Payton 386 761-2548 e-Mail Secretary Carol
Treasurer Jim Payton 386 761-2548 e-Mail Treasurer Carol
Venerable Prophet Chris Able 386 663-4446 e-Mail Venerable Prophet Sally
Chaplain Dustin Truax 386 316-6746 e-Mail Chaplain none
Marshal Terry Chateau e-Mail Marshal  Mary
Captain of the Guard Ron Temple 386 843-1301 e-Mail Captain of the Guard Alma
Sentinel Glen Leizear 386 258-2963 e-Mail Sentinel none